"Echte Salzburger Mozartkugel."

Recipe since 1890.



 The Confiserie Josef Holzermayr in Salzburg


The Salzburger Mozartkugel

Since 1913, the genuine “Salzburger Mozartkugel” has also been available in the original shop of the Confiserie Josef Holzermayr on Salzburgs Alter Markt 7. The core of this small delicacy consists of the finest nougat, surrounded by pistachio marzipan and the best bitter chocolate. Today, the world-famous Mozartkugeln are shipped all over the world.

Our assortment

The Holzermayr is an Eldorado for chocolate lovers. The selection on offer ranges from filled chocolate with caramelised pumpkingseeds to raisins pickled in grappa. The company represents the fourth generation of the family and anybody who enters the chocolate and confiserie shop knows right away that the work here is infused with passion. Pralines and chocolates always come freshly produced.

Chronic & History

The history of the world famous enterprise started 1865 in Salzburg. At this time the eldest son of the family, Joseph Holzermayr, worked as an apprentice at the Lippsch Gingerbread and Wax Workshop, in one of the three little stores of the so called Grandegger House. Obviously the city seemed too small for our young Joseph, and after his years of apprenticeship and travel he acquired a property in Werfen, which produced confectionaries and ginger biscuits.

From now on the diligent businessman was seen at every religious festivity and farmers market with his delicious confectionary specialities. Only a short time later Holzermayr became the personal Purveyor for his Majestic Dignity of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. With an ordinary pushcart filled with all sorts of delicacies he went along the paths straight up to Castle Hohen Werfen.

“Chocolate for Indulgence” – true to this philosophy Joseph Holzermayr opened a little store on the Old Market 7 in Salzburg city in 1913, which was taken over by his son Rudolph in the same year. Besides the rarity cocoa and cakes he also served the hand rolled speciality “Echte Salzburger Mozartkugel” in small quantities. The core of this little delicacy is made from finest nougat and is surrounded by pistachio marzipan and dark chocolate. The Salzburg speciality was wrapped into silver foil to achieve better longivity.